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Our advantages in details


Here are the 3 main factors explaining the phenomenon

The dawn of Bitcoin

As Bitcoin price rises, we can finance more square meters in our programs. Crypto currencies and luxury real estate are currently two of the most profitable markets for private investors. We can achieve 3 figures annual returns thanks to the massive and constant cash inflows injected into these markets.


A global market

The real estate market is now on a global scale. You can invest in many coutries and different types of projects : luxury flats and villa, architect houses, chalets, lofts with private concierge service. We only invest in high end-programs where the demand exceeds the supply.


Luxury made accessible

Because you don't acquire a whole property but you only invest in shares of our programs, you are able to be part of million dollars building projects. You get access to top-of-the-line goods and exclusive services without needing to spend large amounts of money, time and efforts.


Market trends : refined design, hotel services, smart-home tech

International hubs for high-end real estate are attracting a demanding clientele. Wealthy clients appreciate panoramic terraces with pool, spa, fireplace and spectacular view.
The best resorts include artificial lagoons or elevated tennis courts as well as cutting-hedge features like 24-Hour concierge, fitness coach or private club. The latest high-tech gadgets are part of the amenities with voice-activated commands and gesture-controlled devices.

2018 square foot prices overview :
Monaco 4.747 BTC / m2
Hong Kong 4.483 BTC / m2
New York 1.915 BTC / m2
Paris 1.865 BTC / m2
Singapore 1.169 BTC / m2
Dubai 1.015 BTC / m2
Miami 0.975 BTC / m2

All about us!


Buying and selling properties in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum is a very advantageous way to attract new customers and benefit from the rise in value of high-end goods and crypto currencies. These are global markets so they need global payment methods. BTC, BCH, ETH and LTC offer the best levels of secure transactions thanks to their technologies based on public blockchains.
In 2018, a wide range of international customers wishes to benefit from the best possible services for their professional or holiday trips. Every effort is being made to ensure them a perfect stay regardless of its duration. We remain constantly in search of new prestigious locations offering a privileged lifestyle for our clients.
Thanks to our crypto-currencies assets management we are able to release funding that matches our ambitions. New projects are continually in progress all around the world, and our top priority is to focus on the best places and strategic locations. This is made possible by the steady increase in sales volumes and the explosive growth of transactions in Bitcoin and altcoins.